What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Heathwatch - The Quarterly Neighbourhood Newsletter for Surrey Heath

Attached is the Winter 2019 Newsletter:

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Neighbourhood Watch rests on the concept of good neighbourliness. The basic idea is simple; neighbours join together to keep watch on each other’s homes & their immediate surroundings e.g they may remove newspapers & milk bottles from front doorsteps where these are accumulating, especially during the holidays. They may also report suspicious persons & unusual events to the police.

Essentially, it concerns crime prevention in the form of individuals acting together in an attempt to protect themselves & their property from criminal activity.

Starting a Watch can have many benefits. Our modern way of life means that the strength of many communities has been weakened. People can lead very isolated lives because of this & live next door to neighbours without getting to know them.

Neighbourhood Watch end this. It brings us close to people who live around us. It results in people looking after each other in a way that was more common in the past. It encourages us to take greater care of our families & possessions. It cuts the risk of people turning to crime & leaves us feeling safer. To sum it up, it improves our quality of life.

Currently, in Lightwater we have ‘Watches’ in the following roads (updated January 2010):

Ambleside Road
Aplin Way
Badger Drive
Barnett Lane
Birch Tree View
Copthorne Drive
Curley Hill Road
Deer Leap
Derwent Road
Fox Covert
Gale Drive
Glebe Close
Grasmere Road
Guildford Road – part
Ivy Drive
Keswick Drive
Lightwater Meadow
Lowfield Close
MacDonald Road
Meadowbank Road
Michelet Close
Mount Pleasant Close
Myrtle Close
Osborne Drive
Paddock Wood
Quarry Bank
The Ridgeway
Ridgeway Close
Riverside Avenue
Rydal Place
Shrublands Drive
Turnville Close
Ullswater Close
Ullswater Road
The Willows
Withey Close
Wychelm Road

If you are interested in setting up a Watch, please contact the Neighbourhood Watch Area Co-ordinator – Mike Potter – on 01276 474231 - to arrange a meeting to discuss the details of setting up a Watch.