Bulletin 01 – 2012


Email: countrywatchwaverley@surrey.pnn.police.uk
Telephone: 101

Good News:

Surrey Police is hoping to trace the rightful owners of various power tools and electrical gardening equipment believed to have been stolen from sheds and outbuildings in the Haslemere and Witley areas recently. Please check sheds and outbuildings to see if anything is missing. Please visit www.surrey.police.uk for details of these items, quoting crime reference number WV/11/6827. A 28-year-old man from Witley was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods on December 26 and has been released on police bail, pending further enquiries, to return to Guildford police station on February 6.

Crime Trends:

The rear of properties continue to be the favoured means of entry for theft and burglary. Metals (scrap, batteries), high value gardening equipment and power tools are still desirable commodities. Please make every effort to secure your vehicles and outbuildings. There have been two thefts of Land Rovers from addresses in the area. This is in line with a National trend where Land Rovers (particularly older style) are targeted by thieves.

Please ensure that any vehicle is as secure as possible and if appropriate placed in an outbuilding or garage out of sight.

York Stone

Farnham: Detached house in rural location

Attempted theft (dwelling): At 00:56hrs 23/12/11 informant disturbed persons stealing York stone slabs, they left the scene leaving pile of stones on lawn

Surrey Police: 23/12/11 P11377791 refers

Farnham: Detached house in rural location

Burglary (dwelling): Between 00:45hrs 23/12/11 and 00:56hrs 23/12/11 person(s) entered front garden and lifted 15 York stone slabs they were disturbed and left the scene

Surrey Police: 23/12/11 WV/11/6788 refers

Sheds/outbuildings/stables/barns (machinery, tools, vehicles)

Farnham: Detached house with secluded garages and outbuildings in rural location

Theft (dwelling): Between 12:00hrs 18/12/11 and 11:08hrs 20/12/11 person(s) cut through bolted and padlocked shed and removed garden machinery, leaf lower, hedge trimmer, mower

Surrey Police: 18/12/11 WV/11/6731 refers

Cranleigh: Detached cottage with garage and shed in rural location

Burglary (other): Between 06:30hrs 20/12/11 and 13:00hrs 26/12/11 person(s) entered rear of property to unlocked garage and shed removing gardening tool

Surrey Police: 20/12/11 WV/11/6821 refers

Haslemere: Detached farm house, secluded and isolated, undergoing renovation

Burglary (other): Between 16:00hrs 27/12/11 and 0700hrs 28/12/11 person(s) entered rear of property jemmied open door removing power drill also entered stables nothing taken

Surrey Police: 27/12/11 WV/11/6848 refers

Grayswood: Equine centre

Burglary (other): Between 16:30hrs 27/12/11 and 09:30hrs 28/12/11 person(s) entered rear of property jemmied open door to caravan removing new car battery

Surrey Police: 27/12/11 WV/11/6850 refers

Witley: Detached house in rural location

Burglary (dwelling): Between 24/12/11 and 27/12/11 person(s) entered rear of property entering wooden workshop and removing various tool

Surrey Police: 24/12/11 WV/11/6840 refers

Godalming: Detached house in rural location

Burglary (other): Between 16:00hrs 27/12/11 and 18:15hrs 28/12/11 person(s) entered rear of property forcing open large shed removing various petrol powered Stihl tools

Surrey Police: 27/12/11 WV/11/6856 refers

Farnham: Farm

Burglary (other): Between 15:00hrs 30/12/11 and 10:00hrs 31/12/11 person(s) forced entry into secure barns removing clocks, watches and sheets of metal

Surrey Police: 30/12/11 WV/11/6904 refers

Brook: Rural property

Burglary (other): Between 23/12/12 and 12/01/12 person(s) gained entry to rear garden across fields broke locks to sheds and made off with two chainsaws and hedge trimmer

Surrey Police: 23/12/11 WV/12/206 refers

Farnham: Farm

Theft: Between 16:00hrs 30/12/11 and 16:30hrs 31/12/11 person(s) forced entry into secure van blocking steel container moving it and used oxy acetylene to cut through padlocks removing Stihl chain saws, leaf blowers, hedge cutters and climbing equipment

Surrey Police: 30/12/11 WV/11/6914 refers

Farnham: Farm

Burglary: At 11:34hrs 03/12/12 person(s) gained entry removing tree cutting equipment.

Surrey Police: 03/12/12 P12002068 refers

Godalming: Semi-detached rural property surrounded by fields

Burglary (other): Between 20:00hrs 07/01/12 and 09:00hrs 08/01/12 person(s) gained entry to unlocked shed and open barn then sawn through lock on workshop removing Stihl chainsaw and hedge cutter

Surrey Police: 07/01/12 WV/12/117 refers

Churt: Rural property

Theft: At 19:07hrs15/01/12 informant reports person(s) forced wooden door to field shed offender(s) made off with sit on mower and gardening equipment

Surrey Police: 15/01/12 P12014759 refers

Frensham: Rural property

Burglary (other): Between 15:00hrs 22/01/12 and 11:15hrs 23/01/12 person(s) attempted to force entry to garage and padlocks on garden workshop and shed old style garden machinery not removed

Surrey Police: 22/01/12 WV/12/374 refers

Haslemere: Rural property

Burglary (other): Between 20:00hrs 17/01/12 and 12:20hrs 20/01/12 person(s) accessed rear of property broken locks to shed and removed Hayter hedge trimmer/Stihl garden machinery

Surrey Police: 17/01/12 WV/12/339 refers

Metals (batteries, other metals, ornaments)

Godalming: Field with horses

Theft: Between 13:30hrs 05/01/12 and 06:30hrs 06/01/12 person(s) gained entry to field and removed transformer box and battery used to power electric fencing

Surrey Police: 05/01/12 WV/12/142 refers

Godalming: Farm

Theft: Between 20:00hrs15/01/12 and 09:00hrs 16/01/12 person(s) entered through driveway gate and stole a black Land Rover Discovery containing two high value sculptured horses heads in bronze

Surrey Police: 15/01/12 WV/12/277 refers


Churt: Detached property

Theft: Between 16:00hrs 29/12/11 and 08:30hrs 30/12/12 person(s) gained entry by removing metal entrance gates and removed modified land rover from an open stable vehicle later recovered with parts removed

Police: 29/12/11 WV/11/6889 refers

Chiddingfold: Farm

Burglary: Between 18:30hrs13/01/12 and 09:00hrs 14/01/12 person(s) accessed Dutch barn via field gate causing damage and stole Toyota Hilux pick up

Surrey Police: 13/01/12 WV/12/225 refers

Elstead: Rural riding school

Theft: Between 14/01/12 and 19/01/12 person(s) accessed field by damaging steel gate and hinges then removed concrete blocks from farm trailer before removing it

Surrey Police: 14/01/12 WV/12/352 refers

Godalming: Farm

Theft: Between 20:00hrs15/01/12 and 09:00hrs 16/01/12 person(s) entered through driveway gate and stole a black Land Rover Discovery containing two high value sculptured horses heads in bronze – also referred to in ‘Metals’

Surrey Police: 15/01/12 WV/12/277 refers

Suspicious activity

Dunsfold: Bridle path next to farm

Suspicious activity: At 15:40hrs 27/12/11 informant reports hearing gunshots and seeing around 7 persons in possession of dead birds area

Surrey Police: 27/12/11 P11381693 refers

Churt: Rural property

Suspicious activity: At 12:44hrs15/01/12 informant reports person(s) gained access via neighbour’s field during night hours having cut through chain, tyre marks on field

Surrey Police: 15/01/12 P12014457 refers

Bramley: Farm

Suspicious activity: At 12:29hrs17/01/12 informant reports male asking for refund of equine supplement under suspicious circumstances

Surrey Police: 17/01/12 P12016329 refers

Chiddingfold: Farm

Criminal damage: Between 15:00hrs 25/01/12 and 08:30hrs 26/01/12 person(s) cut padlock off field gate drove onto field making way to farm buildings gaining entry but nothing removed

Surrey Police: 25/01/12 WV/12/425 refers


Crime Prevention:
Some interesting technology for rural businesses http://www.radiosecurity.co.uk/

Catalyst converter marking kits from http://www.theisr.org/ Tel: 01233 333000

National Equine Crime Database:


Cycles/laptops/computers/paving/intruder spray:


Innovative Security System for Farms & Fisheries!

RapidGuard consists of a portable PIR Detector that senses motion and activates an alarm and/or sends a text message to a mobile phone. Details at: http://www.gms-uk.co.uk/prosecurenewsonline/WeeklyFolders/prosec29-03-10/Alarms-Rapidguard.php

Saddle Marking (Equine community):
If you would like your saddles marked (free) then please email your interest to mailto:countrywatch.w@surrey.pnn.police.uk (signs cost £10 each)

Preventing Catalytic Converter thefts:

Try http://www.catclamp.co.uk/ or www.retainagroup.co.uk

Immobilise – The UK National Property Register
Record all of your personal property free on http://www.immobilise.com/

Country Watch Signs:
The first sign is free...additional signs (£10 each). Please contact 101. Bolt/screw them onto gates/fences and check they are clean and not obscured by foliage


Sussex Farm Watch


Good News:

Surrey Police have recovered a number of gardening equipment and tools that they believe were stolen from the Petworth area in late December 2011. If you believe that this property may be yours please contact Surrey Police quoting reference number: WV/11/6827.

Crime Trends:

Theft of lawnmowers, lead, shed and tack room theft, deer poaching, theft of Land Rovers and theft of dogs have come to notice.

Hampshire Country Watch


Good News:

Officers from the Road Policing unit recovered a stolen mini digger after stopping a transport lorry in the north of Hampshire.

Two males were arrested and charged for several offences of theft of farm equipment and metal in 2011. The males were found guilty in court, they received a conditional discharge, were fined and ordered to pay costs.

In the Petworth area, Police stopped a white panel van, upon stopping three males decamped from the rear of the van. The driver and a passenger were arrested after the van was found to contain 2 stolen off road bikes and a number of power tools all believed stolen

Crime Trends:

Poaching, theft of farm equipment, power tools and metals have come to notice.

REMEMBER! If you are calling to report an incident in Surrey, please state that you are a Country Watch member on:

999 if it’s happening or

101 if it’s happened!

Vehicles of Interest:

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