The Lightwater Society

The Lightwater Society is an email-based group of Lightwater residents who are interested in local issues and want to ensure we can promote a feeling of spirit and co-operation within the community.

We are seeking ideas for future activities and would welcome any feedback. If anyone is interested in joining the Society (this is currently free) and/or has any ideas for us then please send an email to

A brief update for you on several topics we have been interested in for some time.

Silicon Valley
The Silicon Valley site is expected to be acquired by Hallmark Care Homes in the next couple of weeks and then a hoarding will be erected to secure the site.
They will not commence any work for some time, as there are certain conditions associated with Planning permission to be discharged .
Demolition work may start in October, but I would expect they will keep us informed.

As you are aware the Planning clarification did not go the way we would have liked. At this stage we have to wait and see what will happen with the Surrey Hardware site.

Lightwater Society the future - have your say

We would welcome any thoughts or ideas you have at this stage - right now we are acutely aware that we have up to now only been involved in Planning aspects.

We have always wanted to ensure we represent a true Residents Association, meaning we have an interest in the village as a whole, ensuring that the Village is kept looking its best.

We also want to ensure we foster a community spirit for all, making sure we promote residents' opinions to our local council.
Over to you - if you have good ideas for areas we should consider, please let us know. We welcome any views and input, so please tell us what is in your minds.

Kevin Hardy
Chair Lightwater Society